January 3, 2019
Why You Need A Paver Walkway Along The Side Of Your House

Why You Need A Paver Walkway Along The Side Of Your House

When most people are looking to add pavers to their home, they envision eye-catching pool decks or vast driveways. But many fail to consider a less glamorous option that adds tremendous value to their lifestyle and home. And that is…the humble paver walkway.

So why do you need one? Well, let’s start with problems that arise when you DON’T have one, particularly around the side or perimeter of your house:

• Tracking mud and debris into your home
Trampling around on your lawn in rainy season is no fun. This not only looks messy, but means that dirt is all too often tracked into the house. What a nuisance! It can also prove dangerous, as it’s very easy to slip and fall on muddy surfaces. Finding a safer solution for walkways that hold up well to poor weather means both you and your visitors can safely reach your door.

• Affected grass regrowth
For those of us living in Southwest Florida, it’ll come as no surprise to hear that the weather plays a major role in lawn damage. Heavy rains and a long dry season coupled with high foot traffic can damage delicate lawn grass. Constantly trampling over grass is terrible for its growth and overall health. After a few seasons of being battered by the elements and walked over by feet, your grassy lawn could end up looking positively threadbare.



At Unique Pavers, we provide an array of paver options that can avoid these common problems with custom-designed and installed paver walkways. Pavers are a smart, sustainable solution that gives a number of practical benefits:

• Avoid damaging foot traffic on your lawn
Provide convenient access to your backyard living space using a paver walkway to connect your driveway to a backyard pool deck or lanai. This alleviates foot traffic on your lawn and inside your house. This is also a convenient path for maintenance workers, and is safe for your guest to walk on after taking a dip in the pool.

• Have a storage space for garbage bins
Nobody wants to store clunky, smelly garbage and recycling bins in their garage. Create a door pad or walkway to place these containers on, all without having to damage your lawn or landscaped area along the side of your home.

• No more slipping
Installing a paver walkway will help safeguard you against slipping, making them a safe and practical choice. This will not only help avoid falls and injuries, but will add to the value of your property.

• Create a sleek finish
There’s no need to leave your property looking ‘unfinished’ – adding a paver walkway makes your home instantly look more complete. Because we offer a wide variety of paver styles and colors, you can find a look that appeals to your personal style and home aesthetic.

• Warranty gives peace of mind
Unique Pavers offers professional-grade pavers that look timeless and polished. But in case there’s a problem, our extended two-year warranty means you can trust in our ability to maintain a superior product that will look presentable year after year.

No matter the reason for your installation, with Unique Pavers you’re in good hands. We build functional outdoor spaces to help safeguard soft grass from damage and allow easy access around your home.

Published: January 3, 2019
Author: Unique Pavers
Categories : Walkways & Steps