July 1, 2022
Why Is Drainage Important With Pavers?

Why Is Drainage Important With Pavers?


Pavers are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space, whether on your patiodrivewaypool deck, or walkway. As beautiful as your paver project is, remember to prioritize function too. One way to ensure your pavers stay functional is through proper drainage. Many problems arise without good paver drainage. Let’s look at why drainage is important with pavers.


Excess Water Weakens Pavers


The primary purpose for including proper drainage for your pavers is to prevent excess water on the pavers. Standing water is not a good combination with pavers because it can cause cracks, chips, and erosion. So, the solution to preventing excess water on pavers includes drainage. 


Many paver types absorb water very well and have anti-slip qualities, but it’s still wise to include drainage with pavers. This is especially true in areas where your pavers might see a lot of water, like a pool deck. Proper drainage prevents flooding or standing water from occurring on your pavers and is a simple way to maintain your pavers over the years.


Florida weather also brings lots of rain and the risk of hurricanes each season. This is another reason to prioritize ways for water to drain away from your pavers because downpours can bring flooding rather quickly. Drainage and other preventative maintenance can help reduce weather’s impact on pavers.


Ice and Pavers Don’t Mix


We know Florida homes don’t see ice, but it’s worth mentioning the impact ice and drainage have on pavers. Ice formation on pavers causes issues with vehicles and foot traffic and can also damage the pavers. Ice can damage pavers if excess water falls into the pavers, freezes, and expands in the paver. This is a prime example of why excess water weakens pavers! No matter the climate, though, drainage is a key component in the lifespan of your pavers.


Proper Drainage Keeps Pavers Stable


Drainage is also crucial with pavers because it keeps each paver stable. This stability all starts with installing a base layer under the pavers. The base layer ensures water doesn’t erode the soil underneath and make an uneven and unstable surface. Without a solid base layer, water can get under the pavers and cause shifting and sinking to the pavers. 


Uneven pavers lose their beauty and function, and it’s a tripping hazard. A top-quality paver company will use the right base layer to ensure sufficient water drainage when installing pavers. Paver preparation and installation are critical steps for proper drainage and the overall longevity of your pavers.


Paver Drainage Protects Your Investment


We fully believe that pavers are a worthy investment for your outdoor area. So we always encourage clients to keep up with paver maintenance to protect this investment. Cleaning and maintaining pavers isn’t complicated or expensive, but you should be intentional. If your pavers include drainage, you are already on the right path for paver maintenance! With proper drainage on your pavers, you’ll have less maintenance and repair costs over the life of the pavers.


We already discussed how excess water could cause cracks and erosion to pavers, requiring some pavers to be repaired or replaced. Excessive moisture on pavers can also cause mold, mildew, or moss to grow, which can be troublesome and frustrating to clean off. Take the first step to maintaining your paver investment by including drainage in the paver design!


How to Include Drainage With Pavers


There are several ways you can ensure that your pavers have good drainage. First, working with a professional paver company is vital. The experts at Unique Paverss know how to design and install a paver project that’s beautiful and entirely functional for years to come. In addition, we have a lot of experience with all types of outdoor areas so we can advise the best drainage system for your space.


Proper drainage starts with a base layer under the pavers. Other preparation steps will ensure the ground is flat and prepared for pavers. Another way to include drainage is by using gravity to your advantage. If you’re able to install pavers on a natural slope in your area, this will help water run off the pavers.



When designing your beautiful paver project, you can’t forget the importance of paver drainage. This keeps your pavers looking in pristine condition and functional for many years. With intentional planning, you won’t have to worry about excess water on your pavers.


The paver experts at Unique Pavers are here to help design and execute your paver project with all of the aesthetics and function in mind. We specialize in pool decks, patios, driveways, steps, walkways, and firepits. Anywhere you envision pavers, we can help! Contact Unique Pavers today for a free design estimate and with any questions.


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Published: July 1, 2022
Author: Unique Pavers