September 6, 2021
Which Pavers Are Best For My Driveway?

Which Pavers Are Best For My Driveway?

Driveways are a key part of a home’s curb appeal. When shopping for a new home, the front yard presentation makes a big difference. Is the home landscaped nicely? What is the condition of the exterior paint and front door? And don’t forget the driveway. It leads and invites people to your front door and serves the functional purpose of a place for your car. In addition, a driveway has the opportunity to speak about the homeowner’s tastes.

When picturing your ideal driveway that complements your home, you have many choices. This article discusses four options to finish your driveway and helps you decipher which paves are best for your new or revamped driveway. While aesthetics always play a significant role, paver material and durability will also play an important role in helping you decide which pavers are best for your driveway. You have many categories to take into consideration, including colors, patterns, finishes, and durability.

Marble Pavers

Marble pavers are an attractive and unique choice for driveways and perhaps something you had not considered before. Their popularity is increasing, and they are offered in many colors and textures.  

Marble is a type of limestone. It is formed after being exposed to very high temperatures and pressure. Marble is among the most durable and highest-quality materials for outdoor spaces such as pool decks, patios, and driveways. Marble pavers typically have a smooth and non-glossy surface, unlike marble tiles. Marble pavers can offer a range of looks for your driveway, from ‘old-world’ and classic to sleek and modern.

Travertine Pavers

The Romans had it right when they used travertine to construct buildings and roads in ancient Rome. It is a durable natural stone that looks fantastic. Similar to marble, travertine pavers are a versatile choice for your driveway project.  

Travertine combines the natural elegance of stone with the practical needs of long-lasting durability. Travertine also offers a non-slip surface to walk on. These stones are available in a wide range of styles and pigments. This variety ensures that you have excellent chances of finding just the right ones for your driveway project. In addition, travertine is very porous, so it instantly absorbs water and keeps the surface safe from possible slipping.

Travertine reflects the sun’s rays while simultaneously absorbing the cool of the ground under it. The result: even on oppressively hot days, the pavers won’t be unbearable to walk on if you happen to be barefoot. 

Granite Pavers

You may have granite countertops inside your home. But have you ever considered granite pavers for your driveway? Granite paving stone is an aesthetically pleasing paver option for your driveway. It is also a tough paving material that can withstand intense pressure and heavy loads. You will also be pleased to know that your granite-paved driveway will last for many years. Granite’s hallmark feature is its long-lasting nature, especially in harsh environments. Granite pavers will complement either your contemporary or more traditional style. These pavers also feature an anti-slip finish, which is helpful when walking on them while they are wet. Lastly, granite stone is stain-resistant, and after the sealant is applied, your granite driveway should look fantastic for years to come. 

Concrete Pavers

 Concrete pavers are what most of us think of when we are discussing paver options. They are made with a dry mix containing cement, sand, gravel, and color pigments. During manufacturing, the wet mixture is poured into molds of various shapes and sizes, which compresses the concrete before it cures. The resulting pavers are capable of withstanding thousands of pounds per square inch of pressure. In addition, pavers are manufactured to high standards, creating a durable and uniform product that can actually create a much stronger driveway than basic poured concrete. As with the natural stone options, homeowners have the ability to design and customize their pavers to add to the exterior style of the home.

With all types of pavers, homeowners should consider sealing their new pavers. Sealing pavers will dramatically increase the life of the pavers and keep the pigment looking bright and fresh longer. When you are having your pavers installed, ask your professional about sealing them at that time. On a high traffic surface like a driveway, you will want to seal freshly laid pavers (or recently pressure washed). This is because you don’t want to “seal in” dirt or debris during the process. Sealing pavers coupled with regular pressure-washing maintenance will make your paver driveway last for many years.  

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Published: September 6, 2021
Author: Unique Pavers
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