February 21, 2017
Use Pavers To Create A Sitting Wall

Use Pavers To Create A Sitting Wall

If you love to take advantage of the great Florida weather to entertain friends and family, then you may often run out of places to sit. Renting chairs can be very expensive, not to mention the added effort. If you encounter this problem frequently, then it may be time to consider a paver sitting wall built for your outdoor entertainment area.


As the name suggests, a sitting wall is a length of space that is perfect for sitting near your outdoor living space and frequently used around fire pits. They usually stand behind 18 and 24 inches tall making them the perfect height for sitting. Sitting walls are generally between 12 and 18 inches wide. Most are at least four feet long which is plenty of room for a couple of guests, but they can be built as long as you want them to be.

sitting wall pavers


Experts suggest that they look best when they compliment your existing outdoor living space. For example, if you have a curved patio, then consider having a curved sitting wall constructed.

Their size can become overwhelming quickly. Consider having two smaller units built instead of one. Place them at right angles to create an outstanding conservation area for a group of friends.

Pavers come in many different colors and styles, making it is easy to compliment your existing outdoor spaces. Take the ordinary to extraordinary by placing a statue at the end. Alternatively, add an elevated section perfect for plates and drinks during your outdoor event.


Backyards that slant down to canals is a problem for many Florida homeowners in our area. The great news is that the sitting wall can double as a retaining wall helping to keep the soil in place. Bear in mind, however, that sitting walls can change the drainage in your yard, so make sure to speak to us about where to place your sitting wall.

sitting wall pavers

If you are always having trouble with having enough places to sit at your outdoor event, then have us build a sitting wall. They are so easy to customize that we can design one that is as unique as you. Then, the next time that you invite friends over, everyone will have a place to sit down and enjoy their meal.

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Published: February 21, 2017
Author: Unique Pavers
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