December 7, 2020
Unique Pavers Projects for Summer

Unique Pavers Projects for Summer 

Florida, during the summer, is hot, but not too hot for unique pavers projects! The heat doesn’t keep Floridians inside. Summer is the best time to enjoy the sunshine state. Unique Pavers is here to give you another reason to run outside. Our beautiful designs will have you outside more often to enjoy your hardscape. And we are not limited to hardscapes! Almost any project is possible with the right paver and company. 

Pavers are a versatile building material. But they tend to get pigeon-holed into specific types of pavers projects. We are all familiar with paver driveways, patios, and even stepping stone paths. So what else can you do with pavers? A ton! At Unique Pavers, we are here to take pavers to the limit! We love to test the boundaries of design. If you want to create something unique with pavers, Unique Pavers is the company for you! 

Keep reading for some fun paver project ideas that are sure to light up your summer! 

Construct a Captain’s Walk or Retaining Wall 

So much property in Southwest Florida is on the water. That’s what we love about living here! There are scenic properties available everywhere. A captain’s walk can help increase your enjoyment of your views. Captain’s walks increase your liveable space outside. It gives you a flat area to sit and enjoy the sunset over the water. Pavers also offer a nonslip surface. That feature makes it perfect for building pavers projects near water. 

Saltwater does not wear pavers down, making it an excellent benefit for seaside homes. Over time, salt from seawater erodes tiles and other materials. But pavers stand the test of time against the destructive sea. 

Retaining walls are suitable for strange pieces of a yard that need a little extra sculpting. Uneven surfaces in your yard are no match for retaining walls. You can build up to meet the slope and create a flat garden bed. Or create a unique garden bed along the side of your home with an irregular border. The retaining wall will keep all the dirt, mulch, and roots inside. This will keep your landscaping looking neat all year long. Watch those summer flowers bloom in a new garden bed. 

A variety of colors and materials offers another element to retaining walls. You can match your home, or choose a template that stands out! Between your imagination and our skills, we can create anything. 

Build a Fire Pit

What is better than a campfire with s’mores on a warm summer night? Not much! There is something very comforting about a crackling fire in the moonlight. Additionally, wood-burning fires make for great bug repellant, which is great for getting rid of those pesky mosquitoes. Suppose you don’t like the wood-burning smell, through some herbs in. Rosemary, citronella, or lavender are all great choices! They are all-natural bug repellents, and they smell amazing! 

Cooking in a fire pit is a fun experience for the entire family. Make shadow puppets or look for shapes in flames. A simple addition like a fire pit can open up a world of possibilities for family fun. Bring everyone in your household together around a brick or natural stone fire pit. Both materials work well for fire pits because they are fire safe. But be careful. Those pavers are still hot to the touch! We also build fire pit benches to match your pit. 

Paver fire pits are also easy to keep clean. Just like any other pavers project, you just need water and a broom. In the case of a fire pit, you may want to add a shovel to your cleaning tools. You can use a shovel to remove unwanted debris from the bottom of the pit before cleaning. Stubborn smoke stains may soap and a little bit of elbow grease. In extreme cases, you may need to rely on pressure washing.  

Paver Pool Deck

Here in Southwest Florida, we are all looking for ways to beat the heat in the summer. What better way than diving into your backyard pool? Pool decks come in all shapes and sizes. But no matter what space you are working with, pavers are a great choice. This addition is one of many perfect pavers projects to add to your summertime list of to do’s.

Slippery pool decks are a thing of the past with a paver deck. Most paver materials are slip-resistant. They are porous, meaning water can move through your pool deck. It will not just pool on top and create dangerous puddles. This is also helpful during a rainstorm! Paired with a proper slope, paver pool decks are great for keeping excess rainwater out of your pool. 

You can use any paver material for your pool deck. Yet, Unique Paverss recommends using either concrete or natural stone. Brick pavers need sand between their joints. On a pool deck, this sand is more likely to wash away. As the sand leaves, you need to replace it with more. Because of this, a brick pool deck may quickly become more expensive than you anticipated. 

However, natural stone and cement pavers do not use sand in their joints. Some natural stone materials are more slippery than others. Regular cleaning and maintenance reduce your chance for slippy, slimy pavers. Especially on a pool deck, cleaning your pavers is essential. 

Bring the Family Together Outside

Whatever your pavers projects dreams may be, contact us at Unique Pavers. Call 239-237-2000 today to schedule your free design estimate. Our team is a group of professional individuals all working towards the same goal. That goal is bringing your design to life. When you are home, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your family. Let our team help you build beautiful spaces to create amazing memories. 

In sunny Southwest Florida, outdoor space is just as valuable as indoor space. We can make your outdoor space feel as inviting as your living room. We can work together to create the perfect feel for your home. We can mix and match paver colors and materials for a unique look to any area. 

For more information on pavers, contact us today. We are available by phone or through social media. Find us on Facebook and Instagram for some inspiration for your projects! 

Published: December 7, 2020
Author: Unique Pavers