June 6, 2022
The Best Pavers For Your Pool

The Best Pavers For Your Pool

When you’re designing your dream backyard pool, an important part of the process is selecting pavers for your pool deck. Pavers are a much better option than poured concrete and significantly enhance your pool’s beauty! So, what are the best pavers for your pool? We’re going to break down the popular and safe paver options to consider for your pool deck. 

Must-Haves for Pool Deck Pavers

Before we dive into the different pool deck pavers, let’s discuss some must-haves for your pool deck pavers. Pool deck pavers serve a different purpose than a paver walkway or paver driveway. Many people, especially children, are walking around pool decks barefoot and often wet. As often as we tell kids not to run around the pool, we still want it to be a safe area for everyone. So here are some must-haves for pool deck pavers.

  • Non-slip surface: Pavers for pool decks should not be slippery when wet. This helps prevent injuries around the pool.
  • Heat-resistant material: Choose a paver material that won’t get overly hot in the summer months since most people are walking on pool decks barefoot.
  • Durable: Pool deck pavers should be highly durable to resist cracking, damage, mold, mildew, and chemicals.
  • Comfortable: Along with keeping your pool deck slip and heat-resistant, your pool deck pavers should also be comfortable walking barefoot and sitting on.

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers are an excellent alternative to concrete pavers, brick, or natural stone. There is a wide variety of porcelain pavers available to fit your exact design and hardscape needs. Some other benefits of porcelain pavers include low maintenance, resistance to chemicals and salt, temperature and slip-resistant, and long-lasting. Read more about why we love porcelain pavers and how they compare to other paver types in this blog post.

People are drawn to porcelain pavers for their beauty and design options, but their strength and durability keep these pavers around. Best of all, colors never fade with porcelain pavers, so your pool deck will look beautiful even in the hot summer sun. These pavers are also non-absorbent, easy to clean, and require virtually no maintenance. 

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are a popular option for pool decks because of their versatility and design options, plus affordability. In addition, these pavers are easy to install and hold up well to hot and cold temperature changes. 

Don’t let the name of these pavers fool you! There are unlimited designs, colors, styles, and shapes to make concrete pavers a beautiful addition to your pool. If you take care of your concrete pavers, they will last many years as your pool deck. 

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are another economical option for pool decks. These pavers are very durable and resistant to color fading over time. It doesn’t have to be traditional bricks either. There are many different styles, shapes, and color options with brick pavers to meet the overall design of your home. The paver design experts at Unique Paver Design can help recommend the perfect paver and design for your pool deck!

Brick pavers are also easy to maintain and clean throughout the year. This is mainly because brick pavers don’t absorb dirt and spills as much as other pavers. Finally, brick pavers are very versatile and compliment any home design. Bottom line, brick pavers are a great option for a cost-friendly, beautiful, and functional paver pool deck. 

Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a type of limestone and makes for beautiful pool deck pavers. They carry the same durability and strength that many other pavers do, plus they have many other qualities that make them an excellent option for pool decks. Another benefit of travertine pavers is they are slip-resistant and don’t overheat in the hot sun. 

The design of travertine pavers is timeless. You have several design options available with travertine pavers, and they are easy to maintain. Travertine pavers are a beautiful natural stone paver that elevates your backyard’s aesthetics while being a safe and functional paver for pool fun.

Granite Pavers

Granite pavers are one of the more tough stones out there. This natural stone makes for a great pool deck paver because it’s durable and holds up well to all of your foot traffic, furniture, and activity. Granite pavers are also resistant to heat and slipping, exactly what you need from pool deck pavers.

Granite is a popular natural stone, so it’s more readily available than other natural stones. It can be a splurge for some budgets, but its classic beauty and strength are worth it. Your pool deck will be the statement of your backyard with granite pavers.

Unique Hardscapes can help you decide the best paver for your specific pool deck. We know how to provide safe and functional pavers while keeping the overall design in mind. Pool decks are one of our specialties, and we’re committed to helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact Unique Hardscapes today for a free design estimate or with any questions. Let’s give your pool deck that unique touch of beautiful pavers!

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Published: June 6, 2022
Author: Unique Pavers
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