March 23, 2017
The Ancient History Of Pavers

The Ancient History Of Pavers

If you own a home in Southwest Florida, there is a high chance that it was designed in the Mediterranean Revival style of residential architecture, which some people call the Sarasota style. This architectural style has a long tradition in Florida, and it often features details built with pavers. Ever wondered about the history of pavers?

From driveways to sitting walls and from sidewalks to steps, pavers are prominent in the Mediterranean Revival style. If you travel to Italian seaside communities such as Civitavecchia or San Remo today, you will notice certain similarities in residential design such as tiled roofs, arched windows, foyers, and others. Even the exterior color schemes are similar, and this is because Florida architects and builders have emulated Mediterranean design since the early 20th century.

Published: March 23, 2017
Author: Unique Pavers
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