July 5, 2021
Stone Paver Options For Your Pool Deck

Stone Paver Options For Your Pool Deck

Are you considering revamping your patio and outdoor space? Installing stone pavers on your pool deck is a popular, go-to way to bring an elegant and finished look to your backyard sanctuary.  


Your pool and patio combination can be your outdoor sanctuary. It is a place for outdoor dining, family fun time, cooling off on hot summer days, and perhaps catching some zzzs on a lounger. Whatever your primary use is for your patio and pool space, stone pavers give it a finished and elevated look. When you are planning which stone to choose, you will need to consider your options to select the one that serves you best. A pool paver should withstand consistent exposure to pool chemicals and other elements such as chlorine and salt. During the summer season, your pavers will have constant exposure to pool water and possibly rain. Your pavers shouldn’t get so hot that you can’t walk comfortably on them, and they also should not become slippery underneath wet feet.

Here we a look at some popular stone options to give your pool deck that clean, finished, and impressive look that is also functional for your family’s needs. There are many options on the market when it comes to selecting pavers. Of course, certain pavers work better than others for certain needs (think pool deck vs. driveway vs. walkway). In this article, we have selected the four best stone options to consider when designing a pool deck. 

Let’s dive in.


Limestone is a popular choice these days, and for a good reason. It is a naturally quarried stone with a wide range of warm and inviting colors, which look lovely as a pool deck. Limestone is extremely durable. This is because limestone naturally hardens over time when exposed to extreme heat and pressure. Limestone is denser and more durable than several other options available.

Limestone pavers need to be sealed to ensure longevity. In order to maintain the stone’s natural beauty and showcase a smoother texture, limestone requires regular maintenance. This includes pressure washing to remove dirt. 

Limestone pavers do come at a higher price point than some of the other options. This is based on the time it takes to source the limestone and make the pavers. But if limestone is your wish, you will get an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional result. It’s a great paver option for your pool deck.



There’s a reason that the Romans used mostly travertine to construct the Colosseum. It’s durable, and it looks fantastic!

Travertine combines the beauty of stone with the practical needs of intense durability while also providing a non-slip surface to walk on. Travertine stones are available in a wide range of colors and styles, so you have very good chances of finding just the right ones for your custom pool deck. The bonus about travertine: it is very porous, so it immediately absorbs water and keeps the surface safe from potential slipping.

If you are concerned about walking with bare feet (and of course you are, it’s a pool deck!), travertine is an excellent choice. Travertine reflects the sun’s rays while absorbing the cool of the ground under it at the same time. The result: even on oppressively hot days, the pavers won’t be unbearable to walk on.  

Also, consider the amazing designs with travertine pavers you can create while coordinating nicely with the tilework in your pool!



You may have granite somewhere inside your home. Perhaps on bathroom or kitchen countertops. But have you ever considered granite pavers for your patio? Granite paving stone is a durable and aesthetically-pleasing paver option for your pool deck. Its hallmark feature is its longevity, especially in harsh environments. Like travertine, ancient civilizations turned to granite to construct magnificent buildings and sculptures. Visually, granite pavers can complement your contemporary or more traditional style. Granite pavers also feature a finish that makes them anti-slip when you walk on them with wet feet. Granite is stain-resistant. With proper sealing, your granite deck should look fantastic for years to come.  



Bluestone’s positive attributes make it a natural stone option that you should consider when designing your pool deck. It is very versatile, comes in a variety of colors, and is incredibly durable. Bluestone has a very dense composition, which allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions nicely. It has a naturally rough texture that will help minimize slip and falls. The roughness, however, isn’t too much for bare feet to walk on.  

Bluestone, as with the other natural stone pavers mentioned above, will look great for years and years if properly sealed.


Any of these four options will create a gorgeous pool deck and patio that, with proper maintenance, will look fantastic for years to come.


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Published: July 5, 2021
Author: Unique Pavers
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