January 4, 2021
Benefits of Porcelain Pavers in Southwest Florida
Porcelain Pavers in Southwest Florida

Benefits of Porcelain Pavers in Southwest Florida

While the cost of natural stones is skyrocketing as natural stone resources are getting scarce, there are many benefits of porcelain pavers. Concrete brick pavers may not have the right look for some people. Porcelain pavers are a great way not to damage the environment and keep costs low for your family. They are a 1-time investment that will be low maintenance and keep a classic look. These pavers also have many benefits to them, especially living in Florida.
In Southwest Florida, it is very common for homes to expect rain for an entire season. We may be the sunshine state, but rain is a given during the summertime. So, when considering the perfect paver for your home, porcelain pavers are the ones! Here are a few benefits of using porcelain pavers.

Porcelain Pavers are Moisture Resistant:

Porcelain pavers are commonly described as a great water-resistant option for homes. This is because they are a less porous material, making it nearly impossible for water to get in! Blocking water makes porcelain pavers great for Florida homes during the rainy season. All while making it a simple way to ensure your pavers do not get ruined.
Being moisture resistant is also great for any pool deck. No matter how much splashing your family makes, your pool deck will stay in perfect condition. Many may have concerns about water pooling up on the deck since it doesn’t get absorbed into a porous material. With porcelain pavers, it is less likely to grow mold, which in turn makes it less slippery. All the porcelain pavers that we sell are a nonslip material and are entirely safe to have around a pool deck. Pool decks and outdoor patios often become the primary spot for entertaining guests in a home. These pavers will create the ideal place for your family and guests to make amazing memories.


They are one of the most durable paver options out there! Because of its strong stone-like characteristics, it can withstand significant impacts. They can withstand high temperatures and humidity levels, which is a valuable asset in Southwest Florida. The durable pavers we install can stand up to daily wear from cars, trucks, and even RVs without damage. The durability makes porcelain pavers an excellent choice for driveways or any place of high traffic.

Stain Resistant:

Due to its less porous material, it is tough to stain. Enjoy red wine on the patio, and don’t worry about a potential spill. A simple wipe of a paper towel and there is no mess left behind. Their stain-resistant natural can be even more enhanced when glazed or sealed.

Fire Proof:

If there was a chance that home was to catch fire, Porcelain pavers are fireproof! Even though Southwest Florida is known for the rainy season, we also can have many wildfires after months of no rain. You can protect your home with porcelain pavers, all while adding value.

The longevity of porcelain pavers:

The right installation process is key to having a porcelain paver that doesn’t need extensive maintenance. At Unique Pavers Design, we protect your paver job by using a high-quality sealer. The re-sealing process usually only needs to take place every five years, and you can enjoy the upscale look of your pavers for decades. Long-lasting pavers can save a lot of money by not having to worry about fixing problems. Through the years, you can spend money on family-oriented events rather than replacing your pavers.


These pavers are made out of clay to look like natural stone. While the look may feel straight from a rock, it still has the ease of a human-made item. In a very competitive home market, using porcelain pavers can increase your home value. Many people, when in the home buying process, look for an aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior. Some home buyers see a home for its potential, but most want it to be move-in ready! With the use of porcelain pavers, you can create a grand driveway or a gorgeous pool deck that will entice homebuyers. Learn more about paving the way to curb appeal here!

Range of Options:

At Unique Pavers Design, we have 40 different Porcelain paver options to choose from. This selection is continuing to grow as we find different needs for different stones!
We are currently the only seller of Porcelain pavers in the Southwest Florida area. We have seen great reviews from this addition to our client’s homes! These are the up and coming best paver to use for your home. Some of its benefits are the nonslip qualities or the low maintenance overall, all while making any space look beautiful. It is genuinely a great addition to any home!
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Published: January 4, 2021
Author: Unique Pavers Design
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