January 7, 2019
Paver Trends: Why Bigger May Be Better

Paver Trends: Why Paver Seating Areas Beat Fussy Outdoor Furniture

Of all the recent paver trends, we’ve noticed that our customers are increasingly choosing larger-sized pavers over smaller varieties for a dramatic look to their hardscape. While smaller pavers serve many practical and aesthetic purposes, including supporting heavy weight-bearing surfaces such as driveways and carports (where their larger counterpart is not acceptable), we agree that big pavers are the look of the future.

How big is too big to safely hold heavy weight, like a driveway?

Although there are exceptions, Unique Pavers recommends that pavers no larger than 12”x12” be used on heavy weight-bearing surfaces to avoid cracking or crumbling.
Most large pavers are aesthetically impressive and can stand up to a degree of durability alongside smaller paving, but if you are constructing a driveway, always be sure to opt for smaller paver stones.


A high-end result

When you think of large pavers, you’re likely to imagine them being used in a wide spaces or public venues that cater to pedestrians rather than vehicles. Large pavers are ideal for this purpose, as what they lack in weight capability, they more than make up for in modern stylishness. They are very popular in Europe and are increasingly seen in modern, high-end commercial and residential properties here in the U.S.

Make small spaces look expansive

Only looking to add pavers to a small patio or lanai? Large pavers not only create an eye-catching effect on large spaces, but provide an optical illusion to make even the smallest areas look more spacious.

Streamline spaces

Some people feel that small sized pavers look too busy in their outdoor space. For those seeking to create a more streamlined look with fewer cuts and lines, larger pavers actually draw the eye out to produce a ‘less is more’ look which will appeal to any inner minimalist.

Flexibility of material

Choosing larger pavers means you have many different materials to choose from – whether you want the sleekness of porcelain, the durability of brick, or the classic sophistication of natural stone in travertine. These materials all have their own unique benefits that are perfectly showcased in a way that more modest-sized paver slabs can’t achieve.

Adaptive style

Not only do larger pavers provide a spatial optical illusion to expand the look of your space, but they also come in an array of styles to match any home. Perhaps you’d like a more rustic feel for your own outdoor space, or want to keep it sleek and contemporary? Either way, this is all entirely achievable in collaboration with Unique Pavers.

Impress potential homebuyers

To help boost your home’s resale value and ensure you are a step ahead in the style stakes, larger pavers tick all the boxes, offering an array of benefits sure to impress any potential buyers or ideal renters if you’re looking to move on from your current property.

So go ahead…stand out from the pack and choose large-sized pavers for your next hardscape project. But be prepared for constant compliments and photos from your guests, because Unique Pavers is ready to take your home to the next level of style!

Published: January 7, 2019
Author: Unique Pavers
Categories : Pavers