January 13, 2019
Paver Projects: Why Small Add-ons Can Make a Huge Difference in Your life… & wallet

Paver Projects: Why Small Add-ons Can Make a Huge Difference in Your life… and Wallet

Unique Pavers provides a wide range of paver applications that will add value to your home and practicality to your life. Our clients choose to work with us again and again because of our creative approach to hardscapes – and by incorporating a few small add-ons to your paver project, you’ll rid yourself of some daily annoyances around your home. Here are a few of those cost-effective applications that you’ll eventually thank us for:

Driveway Width Extension

You may not have considered pavers as a way of widening or extending your driveway, but it has proved to be a fan favorite for our homeowner clients. HOA communities in Southwest Florida are notorious for building homes with driveways that are too narrow to comfortably park two vehicles next to one another. Many times, when people try fitting two or more cars in their driveways, they end up slamming their doors into the other vehicle while trying to load in and out.
One of our clients who were experiencing this problem also found that in trying to avoid banging into his other parked car, he had to partially park on the grass parallel to the driveway’s edge. This was damaging his lawn by leaving tire tracks and foot traffic on his delicate Floridian grass. By the time he reached out to us, he had an ugly front yard and an angry wife! Fortunately, we added a 4-foot width extension to his driveway by installing pavers that were almost a perfect match to his own. He was able to comfortably park both vehicles in his driveway, repair his lawn and add value to his home. As soon as his neighbors saw the finished project, five of them scheduled the same extension to their driveways. No more damaged cars or lawns!

Paver Walkways & Door Pads

The rainy climate in Southwest Florida can make the grass on your property prone to damage, ruining the look of outside spaces. Even the most beautifully cared for lawn can suffer the effects of wear and tear if precautions aren’t taken. For the truly house proud, muddy patches are a common concern, particularly in high traffic areas along the side of houses. Instead of despairing, there is a way to make sure you never have to worry about trampling over your fragile lawn while travelling in and out of the house – simply install a paver walkway.
Paver door pads are also an inexpensive place to store your garbage and recycling bins along the side of the house. These pads are typically installed near a side door of the garage, eliminating lawn foot traffic and the need to store smelly garbage inside.

Paver Steps

Have you ever tripped or fallen on uneven surfaces while walking to your front door or through your garden? Then installing paver steps in those areas is the optimal solution for you. Attractive and durable, these steps can handle plenty of foot traffic without damaging the surrounding landscaped areas. Whether you choose to add paver steps to access a pool deck, barbecue area or captain’s walk, this is a practical and budget-friendly way to add safety to your life and value to your home.

Published: January 13, 2019
Author: Unique Pavers
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