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Pavers can enhance your property’s outdoor appeal and increase the value. For your professional paver installation in Cape Coral, Unique Pavers Design is the right contractor to call upon. We are experts in the design and installation of pavers for patios, paths, pools, and driveways of both residential and commercial properties.

What’s more, our services are well-detailed and highly professional. We will ensure that the best quality materials are used for your paver installation. You can be assured that your new pavers will serve you for an extended period. We serve clients in Cape Coral, FL, and surrounding cities.

What are the Steps Involved in Paver Installation?

Paver installation in your home in Cape Coral is a great way of providing your property with beautiful aesthetics and durable flooring option for many years to come. Paver installation is better done by professionals, but you can do it to save yourself some money. Below we have provided a step by step guide on how to install pavers.

Make a Plan: First off, planning the area to be paved should take place before any other step. Decide which area to pave and determine the size. Do you want to pave your patio, driveway, or poolside? Whichever area you choose, draw the layout on a graph paper using a pencil. Make sure that your project has an adequate drainage system, and it slopes away from the paver installation to avoid damaging them.

Determine the Amount of Pavers Needed: Figure out the number of pavers needed by measuring the width and the length of the area to be paved. When you know how many pavers needed to be installed, you will be saved time, money, and stress of buying more than what you need.

Choose a Suitable Paver: After you have mapped out the areas to pave and determined the pavers needed, you have to choose a paver. There are a variety of shapes, designs, colors, and texture of paver to choose from. Go for one that will complement other decorative elements of the installation area.

Excavate and Install: Before you commence installation, you will have to excavate the project section. The depth of the pavers, sand, and base determines how deep the excavation will be. After the excavation, lay the base and install the edge restraints. Cut the pavers and start layering them.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Pavers Installed?

The cost of paver installation varies. This is because it is determined by several factors. Factors such as labor, the geographical location of the project, quality of paver, excavation depth, time of year, and more influence the cost of pavers installed. Meet a paver installation expert to figure out the installation cost.

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For more information about our services, contact us today at Unique Pavers Design. We offer affordable and reliable services. You can count on our trusted experts to execute your paver installation project with complete dedication and enthusiasm. A fantastic experience awaits you.

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