August 1, 2022
Kid-Friendly Pavers for Your Outdoor Area

Kid-Friendly Pavers for Your Outdoor Area


When you design and build your outdoor area, it’s often with your kids in mind. We are all about creating a beautiful, functional space where you can create priceless memories with family and friends. As you consider the types of pavers for your paver patio, walkway, or pool deck, think about how your kids will use the space. With safety first in mind, there are several kid-friendly pavers to consider for your outdoor space. Let’s look at the pavers that include beauty, function, and, most of all, safety for kids.


What Makes a Paver Kid-Friendly?


Several qualities make a type of paver “kid-friendly.” While adult supervision is always necessary for kids outside, pavers are often safer materials to play on. The top features of kid-friendly pavers are anti-slip, resistant to hot temperatures, durable, and easy to play on. 


You want to ensure that the paver you select is resistant to slipping. Patio and driveway pavers are often wet from pool splashing, rain, and sprinklers, so choosing an anti-slip paver will help keep your little ones safe from falling. Additionally, the hot Florida sun heats the ground quickly, so a paver that doesn’t get too hot is necessary when kids are around.


Kids’ play is rough and tough, so your surface should be too. Choose a paver for your patio, pool deck, or driveway that’s durable to handle the jumping, bouncing, and endless toys. Lastly, a kid-friendly paver is easy to play on. Pavers with smooth textures are often easier for kids to play on.


Concrete Pavers 


Concrete pavers have many of the qualities homeowners look for in pavers. They are economical, durable, and versatile and make for kid-friendly pavers. So what makes concrete pavers kid-friendly? Concrete pavers are easy and safe to walk barefoot, and the surface is easy to play on. These pavers are also popular pool deck options, so they are slip-resistant.


For the adults enjoying the pavers, you’ll appreciate concrete pavers too. There are endless design options, so you can truly find what looks best for your outdoor area. Concrete pavers require sealing every few years, but that will lock in their beauty and durability for many years.


Brick Pavers


Brick pavers are popular and versatile options for almost any paver project. These are not the traditional bricks you may think of either. Brick pavers come in all types of shapes, sizes, and colors to give you a beautiful natural aesthetic. These pavers are also very kid-friendly! 


They have incredible strength, making them an excellent option for driveways, patios, and pool decks. The smooth texture of brick pavers also makes it easy for kids to bounce a ball, run, and play. In addition, parents will appreciate that brick pavers have a long lifespan and are easy to maintain.  


Brick pavers are a wonderful consideration for your paver project if you have kids running around too. If you want to see brick pavers in action, view our paver color swatches and look at our gallery of past work.


Porcelain Pavers


Porcelain pavers are perfect pavers to include in your outdoor area with kids. First, this paver material has an anti-slip coating, making it a great paver for a pool deck. Porcelain pavers are also resistant to temperature changes. This means that it’s safe for kids to walk on these pavers barefoot without fear of burning their feet. Porcelain pavers provide these convenient features without taking away from their beauty. 


For the parents, paver design and maintenance are also important. There are many porcelain paver options like granite, marble, travertine, and more. Porcelain pavers also require very little maintenance compared to other paver types. Finally, porcelain pavers are incredibly durable. This is good news for parents and makes these pavers more kid-friendly too. Porcelain pavers are built to handle vehicles, heavy foot traffic, patio furniture, and kids’ outdoor play. 


Natural stone pavers aren’t always the best option for outdoor areas with a lot of activity. However, if you love the aesthetics of natural stone pavers but need a safe and durable paver for your family, then porcelain pavers are the best option for you. You can learn more about our porcelain paver selection here or contact our team.



Pavers are the perfect addition to your outdoor area for many reasons. They are inviting, beautiful, and add function to every space. Most importantly, pavers are safe for everyone in your family. Concrete, brick, and porcelain pavers are perfect examples of kid-friendly pavers that don’t get in the way of play and are a safe surface for fun. The paver experts at Unique Pavers can recommend the paver you need for your outdoor space that checks all your boxes. Contact Unique Pavers today for a free design estimate!


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Published: August 1, 2022
Author: Unique Pavers