March 1, 2021
Keeping Pavers Cool This Summer

Keeping Pavers Cool This Summer

Summertime in Southwest Florida can get hot! When that sun beats down on your driveway or pool deck, you don’t want to burn your feet the second you walk outside. As you consider making the switch from that concrete slab to beautiful pavers, you are going to have questions. Some of your questions may be, how hot do these pavers get? What are my options for materials? What colors would not only look good but stay cool? Are they as hot as the concrete slab we had before? What is it going to feel like when I walk barefoot?

We understand you are going to have lots of questions before you make the change! We also want to give you comfort in knowing, you have lots of options. There is no right or wrong; one size fits all, or perfect color pavers. We work with you to let you know precisely what you are getting and what you can expect during the summer.

Pavers and outdoor flooring, in general, absorb the heat from the sun. If you have concrete, asphalt, stone, etc… they are going to take in some heat. If having cooler pavers is an essential factor at your home, there are a few things to consider.

1. Colors
As you may have guessed, the lighter the color, the cooler the temperature. You can measure the temperature of your pavers by the Solar Reflectance Index. This can detect how hot the pavers get and the ability they have to reflect the heat. When deciding what color you are going to choose, don’t skip right for the “perfect match.” Consider the different aspects and materials of the pavers. When choosing a lighter color, you may have to deal with cleaning it a bit more, but it will result in not getting as hot.

2. Types of Pavers
Red brick pavers are going to take in a lot of the sun’s heat. So when looking at pavers for your driveway or pool deck, maybe take a look at some of our other options. Concrete pavers can be a little cooler than the standard brick pavers, but they still absorb heat. Consider a few of these options when deciding what pavers will fit your space best.

-Travertine Pavers are said to be 20-30% cooler than typical concrete pavers. This beautiful stone look adds amazing, decorative flooring and keeps it significantly cooler than other options. If you have children, sensitive feet, or want to ensure a cooler surface, this is going to be your best bet with pavers.

-Porcelain Pavers are also an option for the ultimate beauty and temperature control. Most people tend to look past this option for outdoor space because it is typically used indoor. Porcelain pavers will not fade in direct sunlight, is exceptionally durable and easy to clean.

Tips to Keep your Pavers Cool

Temporary but quick fix; grab the hose! Spray off the pavers and cool them down. It may not last too long, but it will help alleviate the burn!
Utilize outdoor fans. It may not seem very beneficial, but throughout the day, you will notice the difference it makes. By placing fans around the pool deck or lounging area, it can help circulate air and keep those pavers cool.
Find that green thumb and plant some trees. Using trees and shrubs to help block the sun and cover your pavers is a great way to keep the temperature down. You can use this trick anywhere you have pavers installed, such as your driveway, walkway, or pool deck. This is one of the most practical and beautiful ways to help keep any area shaded and cooled down.

The sun is also the culprit for significant fading of outdoor flooring and pavers. It may seem impossible to keep that crisp, bright color and tint to the pavers, but there are some solutions to this as well.
Take care of the pavers from the get-go. Make sure that they get sealed from the beginning and that you pull any weeds that may poke through. Do a general walkthrough around the pavers and make sure that none come loose; if they do, make sure to put them back in place or look into repairs.

Pavers are an excellent investment for the outside of your home. They are aesthetically pleasing and give you a bit of customization to your space as well. When choosing the pavers that you are going to place around your home, take into consideration the temperature. Living in a hot, humid climate, we have several factors that go into this decision making. With the right type and color, you can get the perfect fit for your home.

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Published: March 1, 2021
Author: Unique Pavers
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