February 1, 2021
Do Pavers Increase Home Value?

How to Increase the Value of Your Home with Pavers

In Southwest Florida, the market for homes continues to rise. People often ask, “does adding pavers increase home value?” Many people want to move to the tropical sunshine state! They also are more than likely looking for a fully complete home. There are many ways to increase the value of your home before selling. Some include renovating the kitchen and bathrooms, updating the paint color, or adding new pavers.

When looking at homes, people are looking for a complete all-around look. They will look for the perfect kitchen with the ideal pool patio and the beautiful curb appeal. A great way to add value to the exterior aspects of your homes is with pavers.

Patio and Outdoor Kitchen

A patio is great for creating memories and sharing special moments with your family. By adding a patio to your home or upgrading your current patio, you can turn your empty backyard into a beautiful entertainment space. This could add a critical feature to your home that many others may not have. We specialize in installing new patios! We also transform current hardscapes into spaces that become the focal point of the backyard for a lifetime of enjoyment. Having the perfect place to entertain is only one of the benefits of installing patio pavers.

Another selling point of adding pavers to your patio is the ease of low maintenance. It can be easy to change an underground pipe and put everything back together. They will be low cost while also adding a beautiful element to your home. You can even add an outdoor paver kitchen to make your patio stand out even more! Homebuyers want the ability to have multiple places to provide meals for family and friends.

Pool Deck

Everyone in Florida knows that they are coming to a hot state. It is not called the sunshine state for no reason! When they are moving, they may require a pool to cool off on a hot day. If you have a pool deck, but it looks worn and faded, this can be a memorable eyesore to buyers. You can upgrade your pool deck with pavers! This will add elegance to your home and increase the value! Whether you choose concrete, porcelain, or stone, we have the perfect paver for your home! By adding pavers to your pool deck, you can increase the chance of selling on your home!

Driveway and Walkway

It is proven that curb appeal is the number one option to make your home more appealing to buyers. When potential buyers are viewing homes, they see the outside before the inside. This means that your exterior should look beautiful to catch their eye! Paver driveways can create an upscale ambiance and attract the right buyer to your home. They also are very reassuring to homeowners in Florida as it decreases the likelihood of a potential slip from a rainy day!

You can also invite your homebuyers in with a welcoming walkway! This goes hand in hand with a driveway when it comes to curb appeal. This will make homeowners feel that they can invite guests into their welcoming home, and the outside can speak for them. You can also attract younger members of society to paver driveways and walkways. This is due to the sustainability factor of pavers. With a paver driveway or walkway, rainwater will go through the porous material and get into the ground below.

Fire Pit

Nothing beats the time spent around a fire pit. Whether it be roasting marshmallows or sharing stories, there will be memories made that will last a lifetime. Creating a paver fire pit can add value to your home for potential home buyers. They will see the fire pit and think of sharing memories and making new ones around it! In Florida, fire pits are great for year-round use. It could be a summer night under the stars or chilly winter night. A firepit will increase the use of the entertainment space, and all home buyers will see the value it adds!

By adding pavers to your home, you can start with a higher asking price. This will lead to a higher selling price for you as the homeowner. At Unique Pavers, we can help with any job you have! Want to create a paver patio and outdoor kitchen? We will be there for you! Do you need an upgraded exterior with a new driveway or walkway? We can do that too! With so many paver options to choose from, you can create the perfect look for your home while attracting future home buyers!

For more information on our services, call us or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram! We would be happy to install your pool deck, driveway, fire pit, patio, and more!

Published: February 1, 2021
Author: Unique Pavers