June 7, 2021
Ideas to Create a Modern Paver Walkway

Ideas to Create a Modern Paver Walkway

Are you looking for inspiration for a paver project in your home? Do you like a clean and modern look? Modern design is typically identified with clean straight lines. Modern is minimalistic, too; it is crisp edges and free from superfluous clutter. If you are thinking about creating a paver walkway with a modern feel, check out these ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Use 16″ Square Pavers 

Create a modern walkway that is made up of 18-20 concrete square pavers. When keeping with a modern look, pavers should be spaced symmetrically apart and create a larger rectangular walkway. Embed the pavers in landscape rocks of your choice. Homeowners can go for contrast with lighter squares in darker rocks or do a dark on dark, where the eye is drawn to the textural difference. Keep the spacing tight between the pavers, and it is a pleasure to walk on. People won’t have to be stretching to walk from one stepping stone to the next, and if they are tight enough, it can also be wheelchair accessible.


Use Giant Pavers for a Shorter Walkway

If your walkway isn’t too long, consider using 4-6 giant pavers. You can use square or rectangular shapes depending on your personal preference. Professionals can embed the pavers in grass or decorative rock. In arid climates, decorative rocks are very popular to juxtapose against pavers. As you ponder this design, think about the color and texture of your pavers. As with the other suggestions, you can go for contrasting colors like a light paver next to green grass. A monochromatic look is also very modern with similarly colored decorative rocks and pavers.


Use Irregular Shapes

Create walkways made up of irregular-shaped, natural stone slabs. As a modern design lover, you don’t want this design to appear busy. The trick is to use a soft, cohesive color palette. Your walkway will be subtly elegant but eyecatching. These pavers create a lovely modern walkway that can be framed by green grass or decorative rocks. Though it isn’t the straight edges usually associated with modern design, these muted colors are definitely modern and stylish. 


Use Elevated Pre-Cast Concrete Slab Pavers

Looking for something really modern and unique? Elevate your giant concrete pavers! Pavers don’t necessarily need to be embedded in another material like grass or resting in rocks. A stylishly modern look is to have the pavers levitate above grass or rock. Some homeowners even have them elevated above sand, ground cover, or even a layer of concrete. Color-tinted precast pavers set above another material would be a unique and modern design for your walkway.


Go for Gray

Gray is the hallmark of modern. Look through your favorite modern furniture stores, and you will see a lot of gray. Gray pavers for your modern-style walkway are no exception. Dark, gray rectangular pavers would look amazing in contrast to green grass or a lighter-colored modern home. You can use a lighter, white grout in between the stones to enhance the contrast and define each shape. Often these dark, sleek stones look like granite but at a much more budget-conscious price than the real deal.


Use Terra Cotta Hues

If some of these modern suggestions aren’t warm enough for you, try a terra cotta hue and texture but in a more modern style. Create a warm and welcoming walkway using terra cotta-colored stones, but keep the clean, crisp lines of square and rectangular stones. The large pavers can be laid in a straight line pattern to warmly invite guests into your front door. These pavers can truly bring texture whether you choose to mix and match the size of the pavers or go for a symmetrical pattern. This option would work well for a homeowner who dabbles in modern but isn’t quite ready to go fully into the minimalist of modern styling.


Use Distressed Tiles

Modern paving designs don’t need to be glistening new to work well. If you are seeking a more rough and worn look, try large tiles with an industrial-plaster feel. These large tiles can be laid in your walkway to welcome visitors into your urban-chic home. These are typically in darker colors, and the distressed accents are on the edges. Again, these types of stones would pop against your green grass or natural foliage.

Go for a Pattern

A modern walkway could contain pavers stamped or painted with a modern pattern. Patterned pavers definitely add a unique twist and add interest to your walkway. It will draw the eye from the start of the walkway all the way to the destination, whether that is your front door or a walkway in your backyard. Modern patterns would include subtle colors, like gray and white. This unconventional way to invite visitors into your home would certainly be something they would remember.  


Think you have an idea to create the perfect modern walkway? Or maybe you need a little help from our design experts to make your idea come to life? We are here to help.


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Published: June 7, 2021
Author: Unique Pavers
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