August 2, 2021
How To: Design a Paver Patio

How To: Design a Paver Patio

Designing a custom paver patio can definitely feel like an exciting yet daunting task. However, we have learned that if you stick with basic principles, you will be able to weave your style and ideas into your outdoor living space. Remaining aware of the cost of this renovation is also a necessary step along the way.


At Unique Pavers, we believe that there are three distinct factors that affect whether a paver design is a success: budget, function, and aesthetics. Therefore, our design consultants will address these three factors with you to be sure that the final project is perfectly in line with your vision and your budget.


Patio Budget

A patio budget is more than likely the most important factor in your design project. It is also often the hardest for a homeowner to define. A budget brings an outdoor living project into perspective, and it gives the designer and homeowner the first step of working together. Budgets also minimize or eliminate any surprises during the construction process.

To create an accurate budget, a homeowner needs to know the overall costs of a paver patio and any other enhancing ideas or accessories you may want to also build-out in your space. For example, add ons such as seating walls, an outdoor firepit, or a grilling station will be lovely additions to your space but do drive up the overall cost.  



How do I merge my aesthetic style and practical function? If you are someone who enjoys cooking, grilling, and entertaining, then it makes perfect sense to invest in the comfort of your outdoor space. If you entertain a lot, a seating wall is a stellar idea for overflow seating. A fire pit is cozy for warming up to and roasting marsh mellows during cooler evenings. A pergola is another exciting idea that will not only bring an aesthetic impact but is also very functional and will help you find reprieve from the hot sun during the summer months. 

Knowing how you and your family will do life on your patio will determine the size of the patio itself. To better help you determine what you need, place your outdoor accessories or ideas in an order that is most functional to you. For me, my grill station is closest to my backyard lanai door because I use it the most. My patio dining table is next, and my fire pit is furthest since it is the least used item.



When I envision my finished patio, what will it look like?

Aesthetics are the most fun factor when designing a patio, and it’s because you get to let your creativity flow. In contrast, if you don’t feel so creative, we can call upon our years of design and installation expertise to get a look that’s perfect for you. The perfect design will compliment your home in the best possible way. When working with pavers, you will be able to choose from concrete, natural stone, brick, and more. When planning your look, brick pavers or concrete pavers will allow you the most design flexibility. Generally speaking, radial designs will soften the corners of your space. Radial designs look amazing against the contrast of straight edges in the platforms where I place grills, firepits, and other straight-edged accessories.

Several other design ideas will help you create some interest in patio aesthetics. Consider using a border paver that creates a distinct separation between your paver design and your green space, for example. In addition, circular paver patterns and contrasting paver insets are two ways to bring interest and creativity to your hardscape design certainly. 

The last aesthetics item to consider is the color of your pavers. It’s best to always look to your home for direction on this. If the brick on your home is busy, don’t use a busy paver blend. Instead, focus on a more solid color, pulling one of the colors out of your brick. Similarly, if your home has a more solid tone, more colorful paver blends should work well. With lighter color siding, contrast with either a darker border or darker field paver. Consider a complimenting color blend for vertical accessories, such as seating walls and fire pits, for example.  

The more time you invest upfront when designing your paver project, the more enjoyable the installation will be.  We are here to help.


At Unique Pavers, we have the experience and creativity to guide our clients to create the patios (and pool decks) of their dreams. We specialize in creating beautiful and unique pavers for outdoor spaces. Our company offers pavers in a plethora of different materials. We stand committed to helping you create the perfect look to fit your needs and showcase your style. Let us help inspire you with a unique paver design for your space, or to learn more information about our company, contact us here or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram! We would be happy to talk with you about installing your walkway, pool deck, driveway, fire pit, patio, and more!

Published: August 2, 2021
Author: Unique Pavers
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