March 6, 2023
How to Design Outdoor Steps & Walkways

How to Design Outdoor Steps & Walkways


Outdoor walkways and steps are beautiful and functional pieces of your outdoor area. They connect different areas of your property and add an aesthetic appeal to the overall space. Once you make the decision to include outdoor steps and a walkway, now it’s the fun part! Designing outdoor steps and walkways is a process that also allows you to add your design personality to your backyard. Let’s dive into tips for planning your outdoor steps and walkway with beautiful paver walkway ideas.


Choosing a material

The first step in designing your outdoor steps and walkway is choosing the material. Homeowners and business owners usually choose from poured concrete or pavers. While poured concrete might sound appealing at first, it lacks a lot of the durability and aesthetics that pavers offer.


With pavers, you have several options to choose from, like interlocking concrete pavers, stone pavers, and brick pavers. Deciding which paver type to use for your steps or walkway largely depends on your budget. Each paver type is highly durable, lasts many years, and boosts your curb appeal. Durability is especially important in Southwest Florida with the excessive humidity and high temperatures we face. Pavers are strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions.


Consider maintenance and care

When you design a paver walkway or paver steps, it’s wise to consider the amount of maintenance and care required. These will be some of the most used areas of your outdoor space, so it’s important to design walkways and steps that will hold up to all the activity! This is another reason pavers are the right material for high foot traffic areas. Pavers require very little maintenance, and with proper sealing, your pavers will look pristine for many years. 


Regular paver care includes sweeping debris and pressure washing several times a year. Additionally, we recommend sealing your pavers every five years as another protective barrier. You can read more about our tips for cleaning and maintaining your pavers here.



Pavers have a natural color scheme but offer different variations to fit your design preference. For example, you can select concrete pavers with more cool gray tones or natural stone pavers with a warm, brown color scheme. Not sure which color paver to choose? When you consult with a paver professional, they can help you decide which paver color will best complement your home or business and blend with your other outdoor features. 


Specifically for paver walkways and steps, it’s important to consider your patio, pool deck, or outdoor kitchen when selecting a color. When each area has a cohesive look, you have a beautiful space! Not only are your paver steps and walkway cohesive and beautiful, but they are also unique to your specific outdoor area.



Another aspect of paver walkway design is the pattern. This is where a paver expert is critical to the function and design of your paver walkway and steps! A professional paver company will recommend a paver pattern that complements any other paver areas (like a patio or pool deck) and boosts your home’s curb appeal.


We go into detail in this blog about popular paver patterns you can choose for your paver walkway or steps, but here we’ll point out several patterns that particularly go well with walkways and steps. These patterns all feature a classic design, add detail to your paver design, and are flexible to add different colors and textures. 

  • Basketweave 
  • Running Bond
  • Herringbone


Installing Paver Steps & Walkway 

You don’t have to look long to find DIY videos and instructions for installing your pavers. While this may seem tempting, it’s often a bad idea. Installing paver walkways and steps has very particular steps in the process to ensure the pavers are safe, durable, and low maintenance. Also, since paver steps and walkways see high foot traffic, it’s critical to complete the project correctly!


The best way to ensure safe, durable, and beautiful paver walkways and steps is to trust paver professionals. A professional paver company is an expert in paver design, preparation, installation, and maintenance. They can see your backyard or outdoor area and provide the vision and execution you need.


Your Trusted Paver Professional in Southwest Florida

In Southwest Florida, many waterfront homes or homes with a backyard pool benefit from paver walkways and steps. You can connect different spaces in your backyard that allows you to get full use of your property. If you’re looking for trusted paver experts in Southwest Florida, look to Unique Pavers. Our team is passionate about providing functional and beautiful pavers to your home or business. Unique Pavers is here to provide a space where you will make memories for decades! Contact Unique Pavers today for a free design estimate



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Published: March 6, 2023
Author: Unique Pavers
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