November 7, 2022
How to Enhance Your Outdoor Kitchen

How to Enhance Your Outdoor Kitchen


A custom outdoor kitchen is a perfect addition to a Florida backyard. With the ability to enjoy the outdoors year-round, you will enjoy many meals and memories outside with family and friends. Don’t just settle for any outdoor kitchen, though! There are several different ways to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level of comfort and functionality. In the long run, you are sure to be glad you took the extra steps to enhance your outdoor kitchen. Here are some tips to enhance your Florida outdoor kitchen living space.


Use Pavers To Build Outdoor Kitchen


The best way to enhance your outdoor kitchen starts with its construction. The outdoor kitchen is more usable and enjoyable when your appliances are built-in with ample counter and storage space. The material you use to build your outdoor kitchen matters, though! Using pavers for your outdoor kitchen is a beautiful, durable, and safe option for your outdoor kitchen. 


From a design perspective, there are endless paver colors, shapes, and textures to choose from. Your outdoor kitchen will complement your home and backyard space while also standing out as the showcase of your backyard. Additionally, pavers are a durable and safe material around high heat. So as you grill your favorite meal, your outdoor kitchen will last for many years. View our gallery of outdoor kitchens to get inspired!


Add Variety Of Seating


When you create a custom outdoor kitchen, you become the place to hang out! So, you can extend your gatherings and ensure everyone is comfortable by adding a variety of seating around your outdoor kitchen. We recommend including a variety of different seating options on your patio and outdoor kitchen.


Of course, you should include the traditional patio table and chairs. For extra seating, you can also add a paver bar counter to your outdoor kitchen. Another option is building a paver seating wall on the paver patio. When you work with a professional paver company, we can help you design and incorporate functional, comfortable, and beautiful seating options.


Increase Patio Size


If your outdoor kitchen is built on your existing patio, consider expanding your patio size to spread out and host larger gatherings. A more extensive patio allows for more seating options, more room to mingle with friends, and more space to prepare and serve food. Additionally, an extended patio improves your outdoor kitchen! 


When the overall space is more comfortable and functional, you’re more likely to use and enjoy that space. The best way to increase your patio size is through pavers. A paver patio is durable, slip-resistant, high quality, and features a natural design you’ll appreciate for years to come. Of course, your paver patio should complement your outdoor kitchen and home, so trusting the professionals is always wise.


Include Unique Appliances 


You’ll enjoy an outdoor kitchen no matter what appliances you have, but why not add some fun new additions?! Of course, a good quality BBQ grill is a great foundation, but you can extend the party with other unique appliances. Additional outdoor kitchen appliances to consider are a kegerator, pizza oven, skillet, outdoor refrigerator, wine cooler, and more.


Most of these outdoor kitchen appliances don’t take up a lot of counter or floor space either. Even if you have a small dedicated area for your outdoor kitchen, you can still include several of your favorite appliances. Everyone will appreciate the beer on tap, hibachi dinner, or homemade pizza you can serve right from your backyard!


Add Cooling/Heating Sources


When your outdoor kitchen is equipped with all the best appliances and seating, make it comfortable year round! This means adding cooling and/or heating sources. Now, in Florida, you may not think you need a heating source, but you might appreciate it for those few cold weeks or unseasonably cold nights. Of course, though, a cooling source is necessary for hot Florida summers!


So whether you add a fire pit, stand heater, ceiling fan, or other cooling/heating source, the extra level of comfort in your outdoor kitchen will go a long way with family, friends, and neighbors. As the homeowner, you will appreciate soaking up every possible day in your beautiful outdoor kitchen!


Trust Unique Pavers for your Outdoor Kitchen and Patio


With these tips, you can create the ultimate outdoor kitchen and gathering space in your backyard. If you’re looking to remodel or create a brand new outdoor kitchen or patio, trust the experts and Unique Pavers. We are passionate about making the most beautiful outdoor space through durable, high-quality pavers. We offer a wide variety of paver options, so no matter your budget, design style, or space, we can find the right paver for you. Contact Unique Pavers today for a free design estimate!



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Published: November 7, 2022
Author: Unique Pavers
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