January 5, 2019
Earth Friendly Installations: Why Pavers Are Mother Nature’s Choice

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Deciding how to optimally build your outdoor space is a tricky aspect of home ownership, with plenty of options – not to mention installers – standing ready to offer expertise. In addition, an increasingly large number of our clients here at Unique Pavers want to create paver spaces without causing unnecessary damage to the earth. If you’re similarly sustainably minded, we have exciting news for you. Pavers are actually a responsible environmental decision that still provide unlimited outdoor appeal.

When deciding to build an outdoor space, here’s why pavers offer major advantages over concrete…

Water permeability
Here in Southwest Florida, pavers are the mandatory hardscape of choice for local island ordinances that have natural preserves. This is because pavers allow for water permeability. Pervious pavers allow water to flow through the joints between each brick, and can drain out of the paved area due to the angle of the pitch. With concrete, water sits on top of the surface and has nowhere to travel, thus contaminating sitting rainwater with oil from vehicles and other detrimental chemicals.

A Low-Impact Solution
Concrete has never been known for its earth-loving properties. Not only is it quite labor intensive to place, but also has a devastating impact on the earth below. This means it’s very difficult for grass and soil to recover after concrete has been placed on the ground. Pavers, on the other hand, are far less damaging, particularly when teamed with excavation. At Unique Pavers, we use two different methods to install pavers on high-impact spaces like driveways. These are:

• Excavation, using 60mm thick pavers (new construction or concrete removal first)
• Overlay, using 30mm thick pavers (remodel projects with concrete in good condition)

The 60mm pavers are placed on surfaces without the need for a concrete layer, while thinner varieties are the best choice when placing over a solid concrete base. This is why we recommend that those looking for an eco-friendly installation to go for the 60mm, as any existing concrete will be removed before installing the pavers.

From the earth, on the earth
Clients looking for the most eco-friendly choice can opt for pavers sourced directly from natural materials. Unique Pavers offers pavers made out of clay, which is a naturally occurring substance in the earth. Travertine pavers are also made of all-natural stone and are considered one of the most beautiful hardscape materials. As an added bonus, they feel soft on feet for areas like pool decks and patios, and are one of the safest surfaces to avoid slipping.

More beauty and flexibility, less maintenance and waste
Concrete might seem like the obvious choice for outdoor spaces, but pavers are available in a wide range of finishes to suit any aesthetic preference – meaning there’s no need to compromise on style while being more eco-friendly. Better yet, each paver order is made on demand, so there’s little wastage during the process as we only source what you need for each project. So what if your driveway falls prey to oil stains, tire marks or foot traffic? Unlike concrete, pavers can be individually replaced without having to tear out the entire project.

Are pavers durable?
Many people are concerned about choosing a concrete-free paver solution, but they needn’t be. There is no need to worry about the paving sinking or eroding as our exclusive two year installation warranty ensures that if problems do arise, we’re always on hand to fix any issues.

Published: January 5, 2019
Author: Unique Pavers