September 7, 2020
Choosing the Color and Design For your Pavers
Color and Design of Pavers

Pavers are a beautiful addition to any outside area of your home. Deciding where you want to put them, how to use them, and which pavers you think would look aesthetically pleasing is very important. When going through the process of choosing your pavers, there are a lot of things you have to consider. Do you know what color scheme you are going with? Do you plan to match the whole house? What textures are important to you?
There is a lot that goes into this decision to ensure that they will look great and add value to your space.

Finding your Color Palette

What color or colors are you thinking about your pavers? You can choose a solid color or a multi-colored paver that will transform the look of your outdoor space. The most critical aspect of choosing a color palette is to remember that the home is the focal point. The pavers become an addiction or a frame to the home. They tie everything together, and you can implement them in different areas.
When you are first drawing up the space to add your pavers, consider the area and what you want them to tie into. A lot of the time, matching the pavers to the color scheme of your home looks fantastic. Some homes with brighter colored homes may want to dim it down with a more neutral paver. It is also a possibility to tie the paver colors into the roofing, so it connects the entire space.
Another option is to use landscaping. If you have a large space with a ton of landscaping, you may want to stay away from bright colored pavers, or not use as many. It may also look nice to use earth tones and continue the beautiful landscaping in stone form.

Check Your Surroundings

How are your family and friends going to be using this space? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself as you are planning this project.

Driveway/Walkway: This is a high traffic area for not only feet but vehicles as well. Learn what types of pavers are going to withstand heavy machinery or vehicles. Pavers are an excellent option for driveways and walkways as long as they have consistent maintenance done.

Pool Deck or Patio: This is a place where people gather. That means there is high traffic, spills, and potential bare feet. Consider these things when choosing color, texture, and type of paver. You may want to consider a cooler color, so they do not get as hot in the sun. Also, something slip-resistant, but not too rough if people are walking around without shoes on.

Firepit or vertical use: This is a very different look and use of pavers but is such a great addition to any home. Using pavers to create an entertainment space is a beautiful way to tie everything together. Make sure to choose a paver that has a softer texture, so people can sit or lean on it. You can also consider getting a paver that does well with heat and doesn’t fade as quick in the sun.


Have you decided what textures you want on your pavers? If you are getting different areas of your outside space done, they do not have to be the same. Textures are important to consider when understanding the use of your space. Textures have a tremendous impact on the look of the pavers. Concrete pavers are going to be more rigid and rough due to the fact that they are natural. Brick pavers tend to be more smooth and even.
You can play around with textures in areas that you won’t be walking on or using as much. If your pavers are going to line your garden, create a fire pit, or be more decorative, you can go with a more natural texture. If you are going to be walking on them more often, you may want to consider a smoother texture.

Type of Pavers

Have you decided what type of pavers you want to have installed? There are so many to choose from, and it is great to have options when you are working with different spaces.
At Unique Pavers Design, we install the highest quality pavers no matter which ones you choose!
Some different Pavers include:

4×8 Pavers
Clay Pavers

And several others! For questions on what pavers would fit best, give us a call. We understand your concerns and want to hear your ideas on what plan to do with your space. In the meantime, check out our paver options and begin this exciting journey to your beautiful outdoor area.

For more information on our services, call us or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram! We would be happy to install your pool deck, driveway, fire pit, patio, and more!

Published: September 7, 2020
Author: Unique Pavers Design
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