October 3, 2022
8 Beautiful Patio Paver Designs to Consider

8 Beautiful Patio Paver Designs to Consider


When you’re ready to build a custom paver patio in your backyard, there are several things to decide. One of those is the paver pattern design. Some of this is determined based on the type of paver you select, but there are still many different options. Before you get overwhelmed, we rounded up some of our favorite patio paver designs that would look beautiful on your patio. No matter your design preference, we have a patio paver design for you!



The herringbone paver pattern is a classic design that is subtle yet bold at the same time. It’s a popular pattern for walkways, driveways, and even interior design as well. Additionally, herringbone would make a beautiful paver pattern for a patio because it makes a statement but still blends well with your backyard’s natural beauty. You can use all the same colored pavers in this pattern or use different colors to make the design even more bold. Even within the herringbone pattern, there are many different ways you can go to make it your own.



Basketweave is another pattern that adds a lot of detail to your paver patio. This pattern is created using rectangular pavers to create a uniform and eye-catching design. Just like with the herringbone pattern, you can add your flare with different colors and textures or keep it all the same. Your patio will stand out in the most beautiful way with a basketweave pattern!


Stack Bond

If you’re looking for a more simple paver design with clean lines, then the stack bond pattern is a perfect choice. These pavers are all the same size and lined up evenly throughout the entire patio. Even though this is one of the more simple designs, it doesn’t take away from the beauty. The stack bond pattern is classic and will undoubtedly elevate your paver patio.


Running Bond

The running bond paver pattern is similar to the stack bond but with an edge. There is still uniformity, but the pavers are lined up offset from each other. This paver pattern is more structural than other patterns, which means it can handle heavy traffic or weight load. If you have lots of walking traffic, patio furniture, or an outdoor kitchen, then the running bond is a beautiful and functional paver pattern for your patio.



The random paver pattern is increasingly popular, and it’s not very random at all! These pavers usually come in several different shapes that are laid in a pattern that looks random. People are drawn to this pattern because it appears natural and allows various colors to be used. There is definitely a method and strategy for laying pavers in a more random way to maintain the structural integrity of the paver patio. Using a professional company to complete your paver project is key to ensuring everything is durable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.



A circular paver pattern is a chance to add a statement piece to your outdoor space. It can signify a seating area, a fire pit, or any other area you want to highlight. You can also add to the design by using a variety of colors and textures in the pavers. With a professional paver company, this patio paver design is attainable and will certainly elevate your patio’s aesthetics! 


I Pattern

The I pattern is another popular paver design for patios. It gets its name from the “I” lines the pavers create when placed. This pattern uses a combination of rectangle and square stones to create a very structural design. The I pattern is also an excellent paver design for high-traffic areas since its pattern can hold a lot of weight. Another popular feature of the I pattern is its relatively simple design with a touch of flare to add depth.



The final paver design is one that’s custom to your patio! You are not limited to any one of these patio patterns. You can combine any of these paver patterns to create a beautiful outdoor patio. For example, you may choose a running bond pattern for the walkway to the patio. Then, for the patio itself, you could select the random pattern and the circular pattern around your fire pit. The options are endless for a beautiful paver patio!



Choosing a paver pattern doesn’t have to be complicated. At Unique Pavers, we are passionate and experienced in designing stunning and functional paver projects. You can find examples of our work and popular paver patterns we’ve used in our gallery. We can help you choose the ideal paver and create the perfect design for your family’s unique needs. Whatever paver design you decide for your home, we know you will be the perfect place to make memories for many years. Reach out to Unique Pavers today for a free design estimate.



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Published: October 3, 2022
Author: Unique Pavers
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