September 5, 2022
5 Tips for Paver Landscaping

5 Tips for Paver Landscaping


If you’re wondering how to incorporate landscaping with your outdoor pavers, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that paver landscaping is essential to the overall flow, function, and beauty of your outdoor area! So, as you consider how to design beautiful landscaping to complement your pavers, read through these tips for paver landscaping.


1. Don’t Skip It!


First and foremost, don’t skip out on paver landscaping! Depending on the size of your backyard area and the number of pavers, you may consider doing without extra landscaping. However, even if there’s not a lot of extra space, small amounts of landscaping can go a long way. 


There are also plenty of low-maintenance options for paver landscaping if you’re worried about upkeep. Paver landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive either. A simple flower bed, shrubs, grass, or mulch are all examples of no-fuss and budget-friendly landscaping. With all of these debunked, you can see why skipping paver landscaping isn’t a great idea. 


2. Look Beyond the Obvious Places


When you complete your paver project, you will see apparent gaps that need landscaping. Once you establish those spots, look beyond the prominent places for other locations that could use some extra landscaping. For example, landscaping helps transition between spaces like the patio to the fire pit or the walkway to the driveway. 


This is where help from a professional could be really useful. Professional landscapers can help advise where are good (or not so good) spots for landscaping surrounding your pavers. Additionally, the team at Unique Pavers can help you blend hardscapes and landscapes beautifully.


3. Choose the Right Trees & Flowers


One of the mistakes people make with landscaping is choosing the wrong trees, flowers, plants, or shrubs for their space. Choosing the right type of landscaping is especially important when it’s surrounding pavers too. You don’t want the landscaping to overgrow onto the pavers or constantly have flowers or leaves falling onto the paver path.


Constant sweeping is just one of the maintenance tasks you want to avoid if all possible. So when choosing the right paver landscaping, think about the maintenance that would be involved with that type of landscaping. For example, with paver walkways, you’ll want to keep it as straightforward as possible for safety purposes, so a tree that sheds many leaves or flowers probably isn’t right. 


Another consideration is if your landscaping area sees a lot of sun, shade, or some of each. Some plants do better in direct sun, and others need some shade, so take notice of the areas you want to add paver landscaping at different hours of the day.


Finally, choose the right plants for your family’s allergies. Some plants are especially beautiful outdoors but might trigger your allergies. Don’t put in all that effort, time, and money just to feel miserable every time you enjoy your pavers and landscaping!


4. Size Matters


The next tip for paver landscaping is all about size. Experts say not to plant a large tree in your backyard because it will outgrow your space in just a few years! So, consider the size of landscaping you need for paver landscaping. Don’t be afraid to start small because they will grow and fill in the space. 


However, you shouldn’t go too small either. Finding the right size is key for balance and beautiful aesthetics. If you’re not sure about how big or small you should make your paver landscaping, trust the professionals to ensure it’s right the first time!


5. Get Creative!


Finally, don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow! You already showcased beautiful outdoor design with your pavers, so now let it flow with paver landscaping. This is an opportunity to truly show your personality or add some favorite plants to your outdoor space. Add some color with flowers and blend it all together with greenery or mulch. You will be glad you took the extra time and detail to make every part of your outdoor area beautiful. 


Another way to get creative with paver landscaping is using non-plant items. This could be benches, fountains, tables and chairs, and more. You can use decorative items in combination with plant elements that will complement your pavers beautifully. Additionally, add some extra outdoor light with landscape lighting. This will showcase your pavers and landscaping every night and make your outdoor space useable any hour of the day.



Any paver project or paver landscaping can feel overwhelming, so don’t tackle it alone! If you’re considering a paver project in your outdoor area, contact the experts at Unique Pavers for a free estimate. We can also help guide you on landscaping surrounding your pavers. We’re here to help you make priceless memories in your beautiful outdoor area.



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Published: September 5, 2022
Author: Unique Pavers
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