January 2, 2023
5 Small Patio Tips

5 Small Patio Tips


In Southwest Florida, you have the benefit of outdoor living year-round. However, if you have a smaller backyard and patio space, you may wonder how to maximize that space for comfortable outdoor living. No matter the size of your area, you can have a beautiful and comfortable outdoor area. So, we gathered some tips for maximizing your patio space in a small backyard. These small patio ideas will help your backyard feel larger and more enjoyable for family and friends!


1. Choose the right furniture 

The right type of outdoor furniture is still important in small patios. However, you don’t have to sacrifice function or comfort either. Make sure to look for chairs and tables that have a smaller footprint. You want to be comfortable but not take up too much valuable floor space. A loveseat and a couple of chairs or a table for four people are very comfortable options that won’t crowd a small patio. You could also consider a seating wall that increases the seating options for your guests.


2. Invest in lighting

Investing in nighttime lighting is an easy way to make a small outdoor patio feel bigger. Outdoor string lights or lanterns make any area feel cozy and inviting, which is exactly what you want for your patio! A little outdoor lighting goes a long way in a small patio and backyard, so go the extra step with warm nighttime lighting. 


If you have a covered patio or pergola, you can hang lights from there. Lanterns can also set the warm ambiance around the patio seating area. This will help you get more use out of your small patio area since more areas are lit at night. 


3. Use bright colors

From a design perspective, light and bright colors always make a space feel bigger. If you’re considering the design for furniture cushions, pillows, or other design elements, use a bright color scheme to keep your space open and airy. A lighter color scheme paired with natural light creates a beautiful outdoor patio space. In addition, the color of your patio material makes a difference too. Choose a lighter natural color to help the patio feel more open.


4. Go vertical 

When space is limited, you have to think vertically. Using higher spaces for furniture and landscaping can make your small patio and backyard feel more complete. This could mean using a bartop table and chairs instead of a traditional patio table. You also have the opportunity to include more of your favorite landscaping in your small backyard or patio by hanging plants, a trellis, vines, or more narrow potted plants. The natural beauty of the landscaping will also boost your patio’s aesthetics. 


5. Include patio pavers

You’ve probably seen dozens of pictures of sprawling patios and pool decks with beautiful pavers design. It’s true that large outdoor spaces look best with durable and quality pavers. However, that doesn’t mean small patios can’t benefit from pavers either!


The best tip for your small patio is to include patio pavers. Patio pavers satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs of a patio, no matter the size. However, when the patio is smaller, pavers can elevate the overall appeal and make the space feel larger. There are many different shapes, textures, and patterns to choose from with pavers to keep your patio cohesive and open. For example, diagonal patterns tend to make a space feel bigger.


Depending on your budget and design style, you can choose from various paver types. Concrete pavers and brick pavers are the most economical option and provide the most options for color and shape. Natural stone pavers are beautiful pavers and may be more budget-friendly on a small patio. Finally, porcelain pavers offer incredible durability, impeccable design features, and increased longevity. You will truly enjoy every benefit of pavers in your patio regardless of the paver type you choose.


Southwest Florida’s Premium Paver Company

If you’re looking for paver experts to help you design your beautiful paver patio, the team at Unique Pavers is here to help. We specialize in pavers for patios, pool decks, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, fire pits, and more. Our design team can take any outdoor area and give it new life with beautiful, quality, and durable pavers. Additionally, we have 22 years of combined experience bringing custom beauty to our clients’ homes with pavers. Our passion is to bring a unique design to every paver project we complete!


We’re confident we can help make your small patio functional and beautiful for the ideal year-round living in Southwest Florida. Small backyards and patios have some of the greatest potential to be comfortable spaces for all your family and friends to enjoy. Unique Pavers offers a free design estimate, so contact us to schedule one today. 



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Published: January 2, 2023
Author: Unique Pavers
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